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Lush Face Masks
Posted on: April 17th, 2012 by Admin

Lush es una marca inglesa muy reconocida por sus cosméticos artesanales, pero a pesar de su gran fama, sólo recientemente le dedicamos tiempo de investigación.

La identidad de la marca es muy buena, nos gustan sus empaques minimalistas y la personalidad sencilla de sus etiquetas escritas a mano. Nuestra gran sorpresa fue descubrir su línea de mascarillas. Lush tiene en tiendas mostradores llenos de hielo raspado para mantener frescas las mascarillas recién hechas.

Y a pesar de no tener conservadores, sus productos duran de dos a tres semanas en el refrigerador. No hemos comprado la mascarilla de chocolate porque muy probablemente la comeríamos. En su lugar, compramos “Catastrophe Cosmetic”, etiquetada como un curso intensivo de rescate para la piel.

Las mascarillas están hechas a base de barro, un exfoliante muy efectivo. Y un detalle lindo de Lush es que incluyen una calcamonía impresa con la cara del preparador de la mascarilla en la parte inferior del envase. Recomendamos comprar Lush en cuanto se la topen por algún viaje.

British beauty brand Lush is famous for its fresh handmade products, but for some reason it never really appealed to us. We’re not into fizzy bath balls or sparkly soaps. The branding is nice, though. We like their simple back pots and the look of the handwritten label.

But then we discovered their facemasks! In store, they have this bar filled with ice where they store their freshly made masks. They last about 2-3 weeks in the friddge, and above all, they smell yummy. We were always tempted to buy the chocolate one, but didn’t cause we would probably devour it.

So, we went with the ‘Catastrophe Cosmetic’, labeled as a crash course rescue for your skin and little pieces of actually berries and other yummyness in it, it seemed like a good choice to us. We’ll will spare you the photos of the actually mask on our face! At about 11 euros each, they seem pricey, but they last forever, or well, until 3 weeks and 10 facemasks later.

It’s a clay based mask, which draws all the dirt out of your skin. Extra cute feature is that you can actually see who made your mask, the jars come with a little sticker on the bottom! Do check out Lush’s face mask if you’re travelling and spot one of their many stores.

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